How does the vegas trip work?

Ask BirdieHow does the vegas trip work?
lavertyj Staff asked 3 years ago

Just wondering how the trip works in terms of. Who can go, what happens etc..

Birdie Staff replied 3 years ago

Dear Lavertyj

What a great question. This trip is for everyone. Wait, no women..especially on the players bus. If you are 40 or over you get to play, if you are younger you get to drink rum.
What happens? Well you know the old saying: what happens in Vegas gets published in the memoirs and distributed to your significant other. So try not to be a big baby. For all the participants there is a gay option. you can take the Hoover dam express and experience the cultural side of things. What we usually do is get those people to take pictures and post them on our FB accounts so our family thinks we are learning something. If you want to be photoshopped into the pictures talk to John Laverty. He usually does a really funny one where someone pretends to push you into the Hooverdam. What a wacky character you would be!
We also drink rum when we are in Vegas. Team alcoholic Jason Davies hosts the hospitality room and serves you drinks until you look like Brent Pederson.
We play soccer and I use that term loosely. We lose 4 games, take Monday off and enter into a slot machine competition and win extravagant amounts of money. We also drink Rum, did I mention that?
We usually stay on the old strip downtown. There is a few reasons for this.
1. People go missing so we reduced the playing area
2. The old strip is cheaper and we are cheap
3. Darin McKay gets everything comped on the old strip and passes the savings on to us. Ok that last bit I made up

Well that’s about it Lavertyj, whoever you are. You sound like a real fruit cake. Are you in?