The Annual Las Vegas Arsenal Tournament

Each bloody year, for the past 6 years, Saskatoon Arsenal have entered a team in the Soccer In the Sun tournament in Las Vegas. This year will be no different. Unfortunately for our women’s teams, this tournament is only open to men’s teams. We file a complaint every year but they keep shooting us down. No women’s teams?!! We cry ..What The …hey is that rum? I ‘ll have a glass of that. That’s usually how it goes. Anyway, we recruit 16 willing bastards of little or no talent to represent us in a tournament playing against teams from all over the map. One year we will win the whole thing and that will be the final year we go as things must have went terribly wrong. Here’s how it works:

Wanting to play

  • Players must be over 40
  • Must be an Arsenal Player or received personal invite
  • Must pay $175 for registration of this Arsenal Vegas Trip by Nov. 15th


Just Want to come and cheer us on

  • Spectators must be interested in the soccer too, you are expected to come to games and watch.
  • Must register here before Dec 15th
  • Must pay $100 for registration of this Arsenal Vegas Trip

Blah blah blah… REGISTER HERE

Where are we staying?

This year we are, again, trying something new. We have made arrangements with the Golden Gate downtown for team accommodations. They have a given us some great rates and have agreed to waive the resort fee.

To take advantage of this deal please book directly through Mike Van Ermin (casino host).  You may need to mention Darin Mckay’s name or Saskatoon Arsenal FC  so he knows what deal we are talking about.  Make sure you confirm the prices he quoted us as stated below.  He did not give us a confirmation number for this deal when I asked and no contract number either.

Prices for Golden Gate

Wednesday – $24
Thursday – $24
Friday – $69
Saturday – $69
Sunday – $24
Monday – $24

This comes to $234 (USD) plus tax.  Resort fees would be waived as per email response sent out October 1st to Darin McKay.

Mike’s email address is…

These rates will not be there for long so book sooner than later to take advantage.


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Attendance list:

Who’s Coming?

  •  Bart Voswinkel

Deposit? for what?

Days until Las Vegas








The Plaza

The Plaza Las Vegas 1 S Main St Las Vegas NV 89101, United States
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